Hurricane season can impact those who live by the shore as well as those several miles inland. As opposed to tornadoes, hurricane systems can provide us with some warnings ahead of time in order to prepare for the potential storm damage—although storm paths can change. While this in no way should replace local, current news updates, we have compiled some tips and resources to help locals—as well as those who vacation here during hurricane season—to be prepared.

First of all, stay informed and make a plan for your household. Preparation can include securing items around your property, stocking up on emergency supplies for your family, your home and your pets, making sure electronic devices are charged and you have alternate lighting sources lined up (generators, candles, flashlights), extra batteries, a battery-powered radio and a first aid kit. Also determine possible evacuation plans, consider senior citizens and disabled individuals in your care and those who have special needs.

Atlantic Hurricane Season: June 1 through November 30

Major hazards and conditions due to hurricane systems:

  • Storm surge and storm tide
  • Heavy rain along with inland flooding
  • High wind
  • Tornadoes
  • Rip current


The city of Virginia Beach local resources:

For the most up-to-date information:


Additional resources:

American Red Cross | Information for before, during and after hurricanes

CBS News | Hurricane supplies list and safety precautions

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Preparing for a hurricane or tropical storm

National Hurricane Center | Current storm status, messaging, projections

National Weather Service | Checklists before and after the storm | Tips for preparing, staying safe during the storm, and returning to your property once the storm has passed. Other additional resources, including government agencies